Milk Vetch

Milk Vetch or Milkvetch is a common name used for the plants species in the genus Astragalus (milkvetches), family Fabaceae. The species here is most probably Astragalus exscapus. It is a perennial flowering plant, produces yellow colored flowers in spring . It has pinnately compound leaves, grows up to 12 inch long. It grows wildly along field sides.

Milkvetche (Astragalus exscapus )


Kiran palwasha said...

I think i have noticed this plant some where, but i am not sure. Where is this picture taken?
Is it grows in autumn, winter season?

Birdy said...

Thanks Kiran for the visit and comment. This plant grows in winter and the flowers bloom in spring.

teca said...

I was blown away so delicately!!

Kisses and flowers.

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