Owlet Moth - Asota ficus

Asota ficus is a moth of the subfamily Aganainae, family Noctuidae (Owlet Moths). It's a wing span of about  60mm. Its larva feeds on Ficus species, which makes the larva and moth distasteful to predators.

 Owlet Moth - Asota ficus

Kabgani Gadoon Swabi

Kabgani is a central village of Gadoon Amazai, District Swabi. It's situated in the North-East of Swabi, about 31 km from Swabi city and about 16 km from Topi city. Kabgani is a very scenic area, full of natural beauty. The village of Kabgani is situated on a mound and the houses are built stepwise down the slope, which present a very beautiful view. The Government Higher Secondary School Kabgani is playing a vital role in improving the education standard of the area. A branch of Habib Bank is working in the village, to facilitate the residence of Kabgani and its adjoin areas. A branch of Pakistan Post Office, a Basic Health Unit (BHU) and a veterinary hospital are also working in Kabgani.  The people of Kabgani are simple, sincere and hard working. They are famous for their hospitality.

Kabgani Gadoon Amazai Swabi

Higher Secondary School Kabgani

Red Dwarf Honey Bee-Apis florea

The red dwarf honey bee (Apis florea) is a species of small, wild honey bees in the family Apidae, genus Apis, subgenus Micrapis. It's found in southern and southeastern Asia. The honey of this species is considered the best and is very expensive as compare to the honey of other species, particularly domesticated honey bees. In our area the population of Apis florea have been decreased by about 80 percent in the last 15 years. According to the local people this drastic decrease is due to domesticated honey bees, which pest on them. The other common reason which comes in my mind is the excessive spray of pesticides. Last year I observed only one nest, which you see in the last photo.

Red Dwarf Honey Bee-Apis florea
Honey Bee
Honey Bees

Red Dwarf Honey Bee Queen
Queen Honey Bee

Red Dwarf Honey Bee Hive
Honey Bees

Cotton Spotted Bollworm Moth - Earias vittella

The Cotton Spotted Bollworm Moth (Earias vittella) is a small size, about 10mm long, cool colored moth, in the family Noctuidae. It has pale white upper wings with greenish band in the middle. The larva of Cotton spotted bollworm moth, known as Cotton Spotted Bollworm, is a serious pest of cotton and lady's finger. It's also known as okra shoot and fruit borer. Though it damaged a lot of my okras last year, but it's all right as it gave me the opportunity to shoot this beautiful moth.

Spotted Bollworm Moth (Earias vittella)
Spotted Bollworm (Earias vittella)
Cotton Spotted Bollworm Moth eggs

Ghost Spider - Neoscona punctigera

The Ghost Spider (Neoscona punctigera) is a brown colored species of orb-weaver spiders in the family Araneidae. It has a hairy body and its legs are covered with spines. It's a nocturnal species. It constructs its web at night, shortly after sunset and removes the web next morning. During the day, it hides among the leaves. When at rest, it assumes a shape that looks like a monkey (first Pic) and that's why it is also known as "monkey spider"

Ghost Spider (Neoscona punctigera)

Black Scavenger Fly

Black Scavenger Fly or Ensign Fly is a common name of flies in the family Sepsidae. There are about 150 species of Black Scavenger Flies. Many species resemble ants having a waist and glossy black body and that's why, they are commonly known as Ant Flies. They are usually found around animals excrement or decaying plants, where they lay eggs and then their larvae live in that material. Being decomposers of animal excrement, they play an important biological role.

Black Scavenger Fly Infested By Mites

Red-striped Tiger Moth

The Tiger Moth is a collective name for the species of moths in the family Arctiidae. This Red-striped moth is Cyana sp. most probably Cyana selangorica, of tiger moth in the subfamily Lithosiinae.

Red-striped Tiger Moth (Cyana selangorica)
Red-striped Tiger Moth Cocoon
Newly Emerged Red-striped Tiger Moth

Any help in correct identification would be highly appreciated.
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