Praying Mantis Life Cycle

After mating the female praying mantis lay eggs in a frothy mass, which harden over time to protect eggs and is called egg case or ootheca. The egg case is laid about 1 to 7 days after mating. The Egg case contains several hundred eggs, which grown into nymphs inside the egg case. The nymphs emerge from egg case in about 20-25 days depending on temperature. In cold weather development may take several months. The Nymphs resemble the grown up praying mantis in shape, but are smaller, wingless and may have different color. They molt several time before reaching to maturity.

Praying Mantis Life Cycle
Praying Mantis Mating Picture
Praying Mantis Hatching Picture
Baby Praying Mantis Picture

Praying Mantis Babies Hatching Video

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