Different Species of Butterflies Found in Pakistan

A slide show depicting 38 different species of butterflies found in Pakistan, I have captured so far.

Swabi Teachers Protest

May 18, 2016 - Swabi:  All Teachers Coordination Council, Swabi held a protest against the cruel and inhuman policies of KPK government toward teachers community. A large number of teachers from all cadres as well as principal participated in the protest. They wore black ribbons on their arms. The protesters gathered at Government Middle School Swabi No.1, where their leaders addressed them. Later, they marched toward Aman Chowk.

Their main demands were:
1. Teachers election should be held without any further delay.
2. Old policy regarding teachers casual leave should remain intact ( They strongly rejected the new policy of one casual leave per month).
3.   75 per cent adhoc relief should be merged in their basic pay.

4. NTS appointee teachers should be regularized.
5. Teachers working in the hard area should be entitled to an additional allowance of Rs.10,000 each.

Swabi Teachers Protest

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