Leaf Curling Spider

Leaf Curling Spiders (Phonognatha graeffei) belong to family Araneidae (Orb-weavers). The spider here is a fresh leaf curling spider. They build their retreat with fresh green leaf. Most of the time they remain in their leaf retreat. They build their web near the retreat and when a prey fall on its web, it quickly pick it up from the web and go back to its retreat. The spider has a green color from under including legs and white abdomen from top. It has a yellowish-green head. It has some black spots and wavy lines on abdomen. It also has yellow and blue colored strips on abdomen. Here are some pictures of the spider taken from different angles, hoping you will like them.

Leaf Curling Spider
Fresh Leaf Curling Spider

Lime Butterfly Caterpillar

The Lime Butterfly caterpillar passes through 5 different instars before pupation. The first few instars of the caterpillar look like bird droppings and this is nature's way of protecting them from predators. In the 5th (last) instar, the caterpillar becomes pale green with a yellow subspiracular band having brown and bluish marking and a pair of false eyes. An additional yellow band is developed on the 4th and 5th segments with bluish spots on it.
Lime Butterfly Caterpillars
Lime Butterfly Caterpillar (1st instar) eating egg shell
Lime Butterfly Caterpillar (2rd instar)
Lime Butterfly Caterpillar (3rd instar)
Lime Butterfly Caterpillar (4th instar)
Lime Butterfly Caterpillar (5th and last instar)
Lime Butterfly Caterpillar (Pre-pupa)

Blue Pansy Butterfly

The Blue Pansy (Junonia orithya) belong to the family Nymphalidea, is a medium size butterfly with a wingspan of about 40-50mm. It's a sun-loving species, which can usually be found on grassy patches in open areas, often sitting on bare ground. The blue pansy is very common in Pakistan.

Blue Pansy Butterfly
Blue Pansy Butterfly Mating
Blue Pansy Butterfly Mating
Blue Pansy Butterfly Camouflage
Blue Pansy Camouflage

Lime Butterfly Eggs

Lime Butterfly (Papilio demoleus malayanus) lay her eggs singly on the young leaves of the host plant (various Citrus species). The egg has a round shape and measuring about 1mm in diameter. Its color changes from white (transparent) to yellowish and then brown with the passage of time. The eggs take about six days to hatch.

Lime Butterfly (Papilio demoleus malayanus) Eggs

Danaid Eggfly Butterfly

 The Danaid Eggfly (Hypolimnas misippus), is a medium sized butterfly (with a wingspan of about 70-85 mm) belong to family Nymphalidae. It is well known for polymorphism and mimicry. The Upperside of male is velvety dark brownish black, with two oval white patches, one on the forewing and the other on the hind wing. There is another smaller white patch below the apex of the forewing. These pitches are surrounded by blue or violet rings which extends towards the center of the white patches. The underside has a beautiful golden brown color, with white bands and spots on each wing. The underside wings have black wavy margins with white spots. The female of the species mimics the plain tiger. It's also known as the Diadem or False Tiger.

Danaid Eggfly Butterfly
Male Danaid Eggfly Butterfly (Upperside)
Male Danaid Eggfly Butterfly (Underside)
Female Danaid Eggfly Butterfly
Female Danaid Eggfly Butterfly picture
Female Danaid Eggfly Butterfly Caught by a Spider
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