Red Dwarf Honey Bee-Apis florea

The red dwarf honey bee (Apis florea) is a species of small, wild honey bees in the family Apidae, genus Apis, subgenus Micrapis. It's found in southern and southeastern Asia. The honey of this species is considered the best and is very expensive as compare to the honey of other species, particularly domesticated honey bees. In our area the population of Apis florea have been decreased by about 80 percent in the last 15 years. According to the local people this drastic decrease is due to domesticated honey bees, which pest on them. The other common reason which comes in my mind is the excessive spray of pesticides. Last year I observed only one nest, which you see in the last photo.

Red Dwarf Honey Bee-Apis florea
Honey Bee
Honey Bees

Red Dwarf Honey Bee Queen
Queen Honey Bee

Red Dwarf Honey Bee Hive
Honey Bees


Kala said...

Its looking right into the camera in that second shot! Well done.

snoring solution said...

This picture was very quite.Thanks for sharing.

daisugi said...

nice pics and info. thanks for sharing

Birdy Official said...

Thanks you all for your feedback.

Thanks Ashley Baldwin for contacting me and asking permission to use my image. As you didn't provide your e-mail address, therefore I'm contacting you through the comment section.
You are allowed to use the required image for your project without any restriction.

Unknown said...

Great work,may you contact me via, twitter:@hazarazubair, skype:zubairhazara

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