Hippodamia variegata

The Hippodamia variegata is a species of ladybugs belonging to the family Coccinellidae, subfamily Coccinellinae. It's about 6-8mm long. It's black head with white pattern. The pronotum is also black with white border and two spots. The elytra are orange with 13 black spots. It's known by a number of common names including Adonis' Ladybird, Spotted Amber Ladybird, White Collared Ladybird and Variegated ladybird. Like the most species of lady beetles, it's also a farmers and gardeners friendly species that feed on aphids.

Ladybug-Hippodamia variegata
Hippodamia variegata
Hippodamia variegata Mating
Hippodamia variegata Mating
Hippodamia variegata Adult and larva Feeding on Aphids
Hippodamia variegata Eggs
Hippodamia variegata Larva

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Monique et Daniel said...

Je n'avais jamais vu une telle coccinelle!
Belle étude très complète.

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