50 Cents a Day

This little guy is a new serving boy at a local cold drinks shop. I didn't ask him about his age , but most probably he is under 12 years of age. I asked him about his working hours and his daily wage. He works from 9:00am to 7:00pm i.e 10 hours a day and gets 40 Pakistani rupees i.e 50 cents a day. 40 Pakistani rupees mean 0.5kg rice (uncooked) or 1.25kg wheat flour or 500ml milk or 4 cups of tea or a cane of Pepsi and that's all.

Serving Boy
Child Labor in Pakistan

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Eyewitness said...

I think the United States with its hobby of waging more and more wars is more than 50 perCent responsible for his working on 50 Cents per day.

But unfortunately, with a powerful media the USA will be considered always right.

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