Dengue Fever Epidemic in Pakistan

Pakistan is facing dengue fever epidemic these days. In the last two weeks more than 6,000 cases have been reported and at least forty people have died.
This post is intended to help the people effected by dengue fever.
Papaya leave juice is proven to be very effective against dengue fever. Only two spoonful of raw papaya leaves juice, taken once a day can help dengue patients increase their platelet count and therefore overcome the fever. Ready-made papaya leave juice/syrup is available in Pakistani markets, which is especially prepared to treat dengue fever. The syrup is prepared by Dr. Asif Mehmood Jah. According to Dr. Asif Mehmood Jah, the papaya syrup is given to two hundred patients and proved effective. To get the syrup in Peshawar or for further information you can contact on Mobile Number: 03335511132

Papaya for Dengue

You can also prepare the juice at home, if the papaya leaves are available.
Here is how to juice the leaves:
For each dose of 2 tablespoonfuls once a day, you need 2 papaya leaves. Clean and pound them, and squeeze it with a filter cloth. Do not boil or cook or rinse with hot water. Use only the leafy part with no stem or sap.
ڈینگی بخار کے علاج کیلۓ ڈاکٹرآصف محمود جاہ کی بنائی ھوئی دوا شربت پپیتہ اسلم مروت پشاور  سے حاصل کرنے اور دیگر معلومات کے لئے اس نمبر پررابطہ کریں. 03335511132


Anonymous said...

We hear about dengue fever every year. Thanks for posting this. The papaya is commonly grown here and I'm glad to know that the leaves are so effective in the treatment of dengue.

riomoros said...

Es bueno conocer las cualidades de la Papaya para tratar el dengue.
Gracias por la información.

CAITE JUDE said...

i love your blog

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