Persian Speedwell-Veronica persica

The Persian speedwell (Veronica persica) is a flowering plant in the family Plantaginaceae of order Lamiales. Other common names of Persian speedwell are bird's eye speedwell, winter speedwell or common field speedwell. It has about 7–12 mm wide and long blue color single flowers, with darker lines and white centers. It's an unwanted weed, which effects agricultural crops. This weed becomes a headache for the farmers, when it grows in a large number in clover fields. Animals don't like to eat it. Moreover according to the local farmers, it creates some negative impacts on cattle health, when they eat it. Therefore the farmers have to remove it from clover field manually. However butterfly lover will certainly love Persian speedwell, as it is one of the host plants for blue pansy butterfly.

Veronica persica Plant and Flower

Veronica persica Flower
Veronica persica Flower
Veronica persica Small Plants


Kala said...

Aww too bad this lovely little blossom is a troublesome weed.

antisnore said...

This flower is looking for very beautiful. Thanks for sharing.And this color is so quite.

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