Mountain Landscapes

Pakistan though is a small, but geographically diverse country. If on one side, it has the deserts like Thar and Cholistan, then on the other side, it has lush green valleys of northern areas. The northern areas of Pakistan are blessed with natural beauty. It has some of the worlds most wonderful and amazing valleys, lakes, rivers and peaks. The streams, water falls and thick forests of fine trees have their own beauty.

Mountain Landscapes
Mountain Landscapes
Mountain Landscapes
Mountain Landscapes
Mountain Landscapes
Mountain Landscapes


Kala said...

Gorgeous landscape images - they make me feel happy when it is so dreary outside here.

Женя said...

gorgeous shots, thanks for it

snore stop said...

wah!Wonderful!This looking for very very beautiful and very interesting.Thanks for sharing.

yen said...

live the last 2 photo, gave me a scenic feel as though I was there picnicking :)

Kiran palwasha said...

Thanks for sharing these pictures. I agree, Pakistan is blessed with all natural beauty but unfortunately nothing is well managed that can facilitate international tourists as well the national one.

But i must say your blog is well managed.

Birdy said...

Thanks you all for your feedback. It's greatly appreciated.
Kiran you are right that Pakistan is blessed with a lot of natural resources, but unfortunately we didn't utilize them fully.

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