Drain Fly

The Drain Fly or Moth Fly is a common name used for the members of family Psychodidae, in the fly order Diptera. They are small, about 4mm long, moth like creatures, found in damp habitat. Its color varies from gray to dark gray. It got its name drain fly, because it grows in drains and the name moth fly, because of its moth like appearance. Drain fly is a nuisance in houses and buildings. It can also be found near the compost bins or dirty trash. It's also know as Bathroom Fly.

Drain Fly
Bathroom Fly
Bathroom Fly
Bathroom Fly


PhotoPixie said...

Seems like a very hairy little fly! Thanks so much for sharing your photos with us - I'm learning loads from you! Keep up the good work!

Maleeha Khan said...

Lol !

Fantastic !

Anonymous said...

Even flies look so interesting from so close. The antennae, particularly. Great captures!

Marvin said...

Great macros! I've never seen this type of fly.

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