Photoshop Work

Personally I know very little about photos editing softwares like adobe photoshop and rarely use them . The pictures here are of an unknown guy from district Swabi, edited by himself or some body else. I liked his work and decide to post it here on my blog. These pictures were on hard drive I bought some days ago. I don't know which software did he use to create these images, but most probably this is looking to be photoshop work.

Photoshop Work
Best Photoshop WorkPhotoshop WorkPhotoshop WorkPhotoshop WorkPhotoshop Work
Original Pictures

Disclaimer: If anybody have any objection regarding publishing these images, please contact me, I will remove them.


Anonymous said...

awesome work!

cindy wears many hats said...

Thank you John for following my blog- I have looked at your blog - you have some wonderful pictures here, I don't either know that much about editing software- trying to learn more with. Like i have been told keep it up- love all the pictures you have of nature

cinek-marcinek said...

Translator Widget-added. Thank you for your visit. Regards. Martin. :)

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Hello Birdy. I am sorry I do not have more time to comment here although I do follow your blog on reader. You always have the most amazing pictures on insects which I enjoy the most.

These pictures are well done. I like playing around with things like this too and one can get the most amazing effect with some of the software available today. It is great to experiment like this.

Anastasia said...

his photoshop work seems so simple and makes his photos look very clean.

thanks for your comment about my dog. my dog actually rarely eats anything with sugar. her diet usually consists of store bought dog food or some sort of meat type (chicken, beef, etc if it's not dog food). she also doesn't eat very much either. we're not depriving her of food because she did gain five pounds in the first year we had her, but her bowl is full of food and she only eats when she's hungry until she's full.

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