Bombardier Beetle

The Bombardier Beetle is a ground beetle belonging to the Carabidae family. The species here is a common species found in Pakistan. It has black wing covers, each having two yellow patches and a yellow strip at the rear. The head, pronotum and antennae are of dark-red color. When threatened, the insect squirts an evil-smelling chemical stored in its body towards the enemy to protect itself. Some time children do a risky job, they catch it and touch its rear with their palm to get a red spot in the result of explosion. In domestic language Pashto it's known as Teaz Teazakye (explosion making beetle).

Bombardier Beetle
Bombardier Beetle
Bombardier Beetle
Bombardier Beetle


Muhammad khabbab said...

great shots.

B.Held said...

Fantastic use of colors and light. It’s exquisitely beautiful.

kanak7 said...

Great shots! I love the colours. I've never seen the Bombadier beetle in our area.

MObugs said...

What a pretty little beetle. We have some similar species here in Missouri, but ours aren't near as beautiful as yours!

Sivakumar V K said...

Dear Sir
Your pictures are extremely good.Write up is done in a wonderful way.I feel the location where the picture is taken can be veru useful!

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