Stones at Ranighat

As I mentioned earlier in one of my post that Ranighat is an archeological site in district Buner at the top of mountain. Here are some pictures of stones taken at Ranighat.

Seat made in stone probably for king

Stone kitchen (in the rock) and stone walls

Broken stone articles

Stone made stairs

Vertical stone (Ranighat)


Anonymous said...

How fascinating. Is the site open to visitors or is it in a protected area? Do you know how old the site is? Thanks for sharing-- I love this kind of stuff.

aurbie said...

Awesome. I like the "king" seat, the steps, and the big round stone.

Birdy Official said...

Hi Tricia!
This site is open to visitors. I don't have any exact information about the age of this site, however Buddhism was in practice here from 1st century AD to 7th century AD. From this we can get a rough idea about the age of this site.

Birdy Official said...

Thanks Patty for your comment and liking the pictures.

Unknown said...

I love that cave in a stone, where you able to see inside or was it restricted?

Maureen said...

Wow...!!! What an excellent informative blog post. The pictures are absolutely amazing. I hope one day I'm able to visit Ranigat site.

Thanks for sharing.

Osaid said...

Aah Man! Its Awesome!!
I wonder why this site is not exposed to our media yet?
The vertical stone is most wonderful.

Birdy Official said...

Hi Dave!
It was not restricted. I not only saw the cave, but also went inside the cave. This cave was for meditation purpose, where religious people used to meditate.

Thanks Maureen for your nice comment. You are welcome at any time.

Salam Osaidullah Kehar!
Our media didn't give much attention to small historical places. However I watched a documentary film about this site from PTV regional channel. This is not a hidden site. It is funded by a Japanese research institute for maintenance. The vertical stone was an important stone. The queen used to set on this stone. This stone is known as Rani Ghat(stone of queen) and the whole site is named as Rani Ghat after the name of this stone.

Osaid said...

Thanks birdy for the info..!

Birdy Official said...

Thanks Osaidullah Kehar for the feedback.

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