Ranighat An Archaeological Site

Though I'm living just 20 km away from Rani Ghat (The queen's rock), a famous Gandhara archaeological site, but I never visit this site before. On 19th January 2008, I visited this site for the first time with my colleagues and students. Rani Ghat situate at Nogram, district Buner, is the famous historical palace on the top of mountain used by the that time Rani (queen). She was famous for buying the fresh air coming from Swabi side. She paid to the villagers for clean air -- they were not allowed to pollute it by blowing the crops in the air for cleaning purpose. The ruins are still a famous place for visitors. This area used to be a fairy-land for foreigners and many, including Japanese, came here for studies in the ancient times to learn Buddhism. Being a part of origin of Buddhist Gandhara Civilization it has also attracted re-construction funds from Japanese research institutes. Beside the reconstruction of the site they also arranged for way in the mountain to facilitate the visitors. Here is my collection of pictures of different views of the site, hoping you will enjoy them.

Rani Ghat Ruins (Main Entrance)
Inside of Entrance

Picture of Stupa at Ranighat
A cave in a stone, where religious people used to meditate

Stone (Rani Ghat) after which the whole site is named as Rani Ghat (The queen's rock)

Mountain on the top of which Ranighat is located

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