Venusta Orchard Spider

The Venusta Orchard Spider (Leucauge Venusta) is a long-jawed orb-weaver spider. It has yellow, dark green and silvery-white markings/strips on its body. They are also found in some different colors. They are considered harmless to human.

Venusta Orchard Spider
Venusta Orchard SpiderVenusta Orchard SpiderVenusta Orchard Spider


Madurai citizen said...

Wonder ful..

Jai Sai Ram

Susanne49 said...

It's a pretty spider, but I just don't like spiders at all.... :)

Sue's Daily Photography

birdy said...

Thanks for your visit and comment Madurai Citizen.

birdy said...

Hi Susanne49!
Thanks for your visit and comment. Actually it is not a matter of like or dislike for me. Being an amateur nature photographer, I try to take images of almost all creatures and other nature phenomena.

Anonymous said...


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