Orb Weaver Spider-Neoscona Crucifera

Here are some pictures of orb weaver spider (Neoscona crucifera) I shoot in my house in July 2008. This spider has hairy body and spiny legs. The spider is enjoying hanging.

Orb Weaver Spider (Neoscona crucifera)
Orb Weaver Spider
Orb Weaver SpiderOrb Weaver SpiderOrb Weaver Spider


S-V-H said...

Normally I don't like spiders at all, but this one is somehow entertaining and cute :)

Sue's Daily Photography

jane said...

hallo there,

i like you pictures! very nice...

Anonymous said...

u have nice work in ur page.
keep it up

Birdy Official said...

Hi Susanne49!
Thanks for liking my spider pictures, in spite of the fact you hate spiders.

Hi jane!
Thanks for your comment and liking my photos.

Salam Sadia!
Thanks for your appreciation.

Allah Hafiz

Keemster said...

Okay, I am quite arachnophobic, however I love the detail in these close up shots. I looked at your other posts/photographs and squirmed the whole time, but they were good shots, as well.

Birdy Official said...

Thanks Gorgon for leaving a comment on my blog and liking my close up pictures.

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