Blister Beetles

Blister beetle (Mylabris pustula) medium sized beetles (about 25 mm) with black head, thorax and abdomen. Elytra are black in color with orange spots. They feed on tender pod and flora of the crops with yellow or pink flowers. When distributed the beetles exude an acrid yellow fluid which is called cantharidin and causes blisters on tender skin.

Blister beetles
Blister beetle
Blister beetle
Blister beetle


Maggie said...

Thanks for the information on the beetle. There is a photo on where one of our members is looking for information on a beetle that looks like your beetle. Here is the image on click here

Birdy Official said...

Thanks Maggie for dropping by!
I checked the image you mentioned. The picture is of "Yellow-banded Blister Beetle (Mylabris phalerata)".
I cannot post there, as it requires registration.

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