Spiders With Prey

Spiders eat a variety of insects and bugs. Here are some pictures of different types of spiders with their prey. Hopefully it will clear the question, what do spider eat?

Spider With Prey
Spider With Prey
Spider With Prey
Spider With Prey
Spider With Prey
Spider With Prey


tricia said...

Those are some really scary looking spiders. Good detail.

A Vecchioni said...

Great looking blog. You have an excellent eye for a range of subject matter. I really like this series on spiders making lunch out of a variety of insects. Keep up the great work.

birdy said...

Thanks Tricia for your comment. I know you hate spiders that is why they look scary to you. Any how one should be careful in handling spiders as some of them can harm humans.

birdy said...

Hi A Vecchioni!
Thanks you very much for the feedback and appreciation.

Osaidullah Kehar said...

But I like spiders after watching spiderman.
Anyways great work!!

Philip said...

Nice captures all of them your photo's are really outstanding it is amazing how many different types of spiders there are :))

My Life Thinking said...

WOW, scary but beautiful !!
Thanks for sharing nice photos!

BendItInBend said...

Uugghhh... Creepy and morbid! I hate spiders, but I love those pics! Very interesting.

Exotic photos from Borneo said...

great spider collection

birdy said...

Thanks friends Osaidullah Kehar, Philip, Hesham, BendItInBend and BlogTactic for stopping by my blog, liking the pictures and leaving your feedback.

courts1509 said...

Great pics, can I use one of your spider photos in my Youtube video?

birdy said...

Thanks courts1509 for the visit and comment. Sure, you can use any of the pictures you want. You can find some more pictures of spiders with prey on the following blog post.

What do spiders eat?

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