The Lahore Zoo

The Lahore zoo was established in 1872 and there was a time when it was considered as the largest zoo of Asia. I read and heard a lot about the beauty and variety of different species of animals in Lahore zoo. But my first visit to the zoo was very discouraging. I found the animals in very measurable conditions. The animal were kept in unnatural environment. The only thing I liked there were the models of different animals. Here are some pictures I took in the zoo.

Elephant (Suzi)
Lahore Zoo
Lahore Zoo
Lahore Zoo
Lahore Zoo
White Tiger
Lahore Zoo


zunnur said...

Wow, this zoo has a long history. The animals in the zoos I've visited before looked unhealty, I guess the best place for them is still the nature.

bigtugboat said...

My feelings were just the same when I visited Lahore zoo recently. Those poor animals do deserve some thing better indeed.

Ghufran Ali Quresh said...

Suzi......I remember this name from my childhood, almost a decade back. and i thought she was dead already. perhaps i got it from news, but not sure. Is this the original one or some other elephant named after Suzi o.O

birdy said...

Hi zunnur!
Thanks for the comment. As clear from my images the animal at Lahore zoo is still looking unhealthy and dull.

birdy said...

Thanks bigtugboat for your feedback. I think there is a need of reconstruction of the zoo on some wide area. The animal should be provide natural environment to maximum possibility and special attention should be given to their feed.

birdy said...

Salam Ghufran Ali Quresh!
Thanks for the comment. You are right. It is another elephant named after Suzi. I used this name because it was written on the forehead of this elephant.

tricia said...

As always, great shots, but the animals do look a little neglected. I don't really like zoos much because although I think it is wonderful for us to be able to see the animals, I hate they are contained for our enjoyment.

birdy said...

Thanks Tricia for your comment. You are right that the animals are neglected. That is why they are looking unhealthy and dull. I appreciate your feeling about animals.

Philip said...

Nice Shots Birdy Zoo's are a funny thing in the way some zoo's operate I dont know this one but some zoo's I like but it's still crule to keep animals for our enjoyment it will always be much debate around this :)

birdy said...

Hi Philip!
As regard the Lahore zoo, it is a matter of great concern. The animals are in terrible conditions and deserve some special attention regarding their food and living environment.

ashfaqueshah said...

good posting keep it upp