Marsh Fly - Sepedon spinipes

The Marsh Fly (Sepedon spinipes), also known as snail-killing fly, belongs to the family Sciomyzidae of the order Diptera. The names marsh fly and snail-killing fly are used for all the flies in the family Sciomyzidae.
Sepedon spinipes is about 8 mm long. It has brownish body color, bulgy eyes, prominent forward-pointing short antennae, and bristles on the upper hind leg.
They are known as snail-killing flies, because their larvae parasite on Gastropoda (slugs and snails). The adult marsh fly feeds on dew and nectar.

Marsh Fly (Sepedon spinipes) Female
Marsh Fly (Sepedon spinipes) Male


Anna said...

birdy very interesting, especially for a snail-killing act. thanks for sharing. Anna :)

Steven Scott said...

Great macro shots! Really enjoyed this post!

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