Daddy Long-legs Spider

Daddy Long-legs Spider (Artema atlanta) is a species of spider in the family Pholcidae. Daddy long legs spider is the common house spiders. It has exceptionally long legs, as compared to the body size. The female body length is about 10mm and legspan is about 50mm (based on single measurement). Daddy long legs spiders are known to be one of the most venomous spiders of the world. However, they are not dangerous for humans, because their fangs are too small to bite or puncture the human skin. They are very common in our houses, but never observed their bite. The spiders in the family Pholcidae are known by a number of common names, including cellar spider, vibrating spider, house spider, daddy long-legger or granddaddy long-legs spider. It's known as "Vibrating Spider", because it vibrates itself and the web as a defense mechanism, whenever it feels threatened.

Daddy Long-legs Spider (Artema atlanta) Male
Daddy Long-legs Spider
Daddy Long-legs Spider
Daddy Long-legs Spider
Daddy Long-legs Spider (Artema atlanta) Female
Daddy Long-legs Spider
Daddy Long-legs Spider
Daddy Long-legs Spider
Daddy Long-legs Spider Molting


Sharodindu said...

Nice Capture and I am more than sure that you are no way afraid of insects.. but tell me one thing..are not they afraid of you and your camera? I was chasing a butterfly few days back and have lost few calories doing so...
BTW nice shoots as always... :)
You must have become a professional macro/insect photographer by now :)
Best of luck!!

Anonymous said...

whot does spider eggsack looklike when they lay their eggs on a human

birdy said...

Dear anonymous reader thanks for the visit and asking the question. According to the best of my knowledge spiders do not lay eggs in human or other animals bodies. However one should be careful while handling spiders as a few species of spiders are dangerously venomous to humans.

Bill and Mark Bell said...

Hi guys just needed to put a perpetuated myth to rest Daddy Long-legs Spider is a common name and sometimes applied to the recluse spider as well as Pholcidae.How ever Pholcidae are in fact harmless to humans and can bite but it is only mild.The Recluse spider may be the source of confusion,but even they are not the deadliest although they have a necrotic toxin that if bitten will make you wish you where dead.

Birdy said...

Thanks Bill and Mark Bell for your informative comment. Much appreciated.

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