Red Base-winged Vegetable Grasshopper

Red Base-winged Vegetable Grasshopper (Atractomorpha crenulata) is a species of grasshopper in the family Pyrgomorphidae. The Red base-winged vegetable grasshopper is green with purple tinge on antennae and pink abdomen. It's not strong jumper or flier. It's a slow moving grasshopper and depend on camouflage for protection. It's a pest of many agricultural crops, however the damage is not of economic consideration.

Red Base-winged Vegetable Grasshopper (Atractomorpha crenulata)

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PhotoPixie said...

Hi again! How on earth do you spot all these interesting little creatures? And then your lucky enough to find two grasshoppers mating! Your photos never fail to impress me and the write-ups are very interesting to read! Can't wait to see what will appear in your next blog entry!

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