Giant Slant-faced Grasshopper

The Giant Slant-faced Grasshopper (Acrida conica), also known as Longheaded Grasshopper, is a species of grasshoper in order Orthoptera, family Acrididae, subfamily Acridinae. The adult grasshopper is about 70 mm long with green or brown color body, having brown/dark brown strips on its head. It's cone shaped head, with short and flat antennae. Its pair of hind legs are long and spindly. It's a slow mover and could not jump well, however is a good flyer.

Giant Slant-faced Grasshopper - Acrida conica (Green Form)
Giant Slant-faced Grasshopper Nymph
Giant Slant-faced Grasshopper (Brown Form)


Junejo Abduljalil said...

In the starting of winter giant slant grass hopper appearing in Thar desert at night time on our street light, but on the day they are eaten by Birds

Birdy said...

Thanks Junejo Abduljalil for the comment and sharing your observations. Much appreciated.

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