Furrow Orb weaver Spider

This Furrow Spider or more specifically Furrow Orb weaver Spider (Larinioides Indica) belong to genus Larinioides, family Araneidae (Orb Weavers). Thanks to Mr. Glen of spiderzrule.com, who helped me in identification of this spider, however he didn't give a scientific name to the species, so I gave it a scientific name of (Larinioides Indica).

Furrow Orb Weaver Spider (Larinioides Indica)
Corrections are always welcome


Ayuni said...

so cute!

Anna said...

Glad that I only see on the photo this spider, lol. Very nice photo, and love the markings. How big is it birdy? Anna :)

Geekwanker said...

love spiders nice blog

Amir Weinstein said...

Hi Birdy

Very nice photo

I'm not sure its Larinioides sp. at all.
According to: "The World Spider Catalog", Version 11.5 by Norman I. Platnick.

There is no such Larinioides Indica and Although the spider look similar to Larinioides sp, I don't think it is.

The only "indica" I have finding was "Zygiella indica" but according to Platnick its move to Tetragnathidae family under Guizygiella sp.

I'm not femilier with the spiders of ur region, so I only can recommend u reply again to spiderzrule.com and ask for referencing regarding the identification.

Any way, allways enjoying visiting here and look for new photos and news.



Olivier Rault said...

Great shot, although I do not like spiders, it's a beautiful picture !

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