Zebra Blue Butterfly

The Zebra Blue (Leptotes plinius), also known as Plumbago Blue, is small-sized butterfly in family Lycaenidae (Gossamer-winged butterflies), found in Pakistan. It has a wingspan of about 28mm (based on single measurement). It's known as "Zebra blue" because its underside has white and brown strips that resemble the zebra strips. The other name "Plumbago Blue" is used because its larva feed on plumbago plant.

Zebra Blue Butterfly (Leptotes plinius) Male
Zebra Blue Butterfly Female
Zebra Blue Butterflies Mating


Kala said...

Lovely focus and composition!

francescbb@hotmail.es said...

Excellent pictures!! Super photos!!

Frank, Barcelona

Monique et Daniel said...

Superbe série!
Chez nous il n'y a plus rien dans la nature, l'automne semble trop froid!

Anonymous said...

You got some amazing shots of the zebra blue butterflies!

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