Sorrel Sapphire Butterfly

The Sorrel Sapphire (Heliophorus sena) is a small butterfly in the family Lycaenidae (Blues family). It's found in hilly areas of Pakistan and I observed it in districts Buner and Haripur so far.

Sorrel Sapphire Butterfly (Heliophorus sena)
Sorrel Sapphire Butterfly
Sorrel Sapphire Butterfly
Sorrel Sapphire Butterfly


Amir Weinstein said...

The flying beauty - great shoot

Andrea said...

Very beautiful Birdy, haven't seen that here! How do you let them open their wings just like that for the photos, hehe. Is it also a swallowtail? I realized the swallowtails don't just alight on a flower steadily, but always fluttering their wings, so difficult to take photos. As you can see in my previous post, they are fluttering always.

babbler said...

That is such a beautiful and delicate butterfly, I would not know it exists if I did not stumble upon your fine blog! Loved it!
Love from "Mrs. Slug" of Adventures of Mr. Slug and Friends

birdy said...

Thanks Amir for the appreciation.

Thanks Andrea! I do nothing, but just wait, sometime for a very long time to get a meaningful set of pictures. There is a more then two years gape between these two shots.
No, it's not swallowtail. Swallowtails belong to family Papilionidae. This butterfly belongs to family Lycaenidae and some species in this family have tails like this.

Thanks Babbler for taking the time to leave your feedback. It's much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Birdy, although we have many of the butterflies from the Blues family, I have never come across this one. It's really beautiful.

AllArounArt said...

Hello, blog colleague!I think that your pictures are really good and educational, that is why I allowed myself to post your link at my link-list. If you like you could also visit my blog which is also about nature and photography. I know the pictures are not great, I am not a professional, just an amateur, who have visited a lot of places in my country.
Anyway, thanks for being an inspiration.

birdy said...

Thanks Kanak For the comment. I'm sure they must exist in most parts of India.

@ AllArounArt: Thanks for the comment and adding my blog. I will certainly visit your blog and will add a link back to your blog.

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