Scorpions Facts

Scorpions belong to the order Scorpionida in the class Arachnida. They are easily recognized by their characteristic shape. They possess 4 pairs of walking legs and have two large pedipalps (claws) which terminate with pincers. They have a long five-segmented tail with an additional telson that bears the venomous stinger.  The number of eyes of scorpions varies from 6 to 12, but they have very poor or almost no eyesight. Unlike the majority of arachnid species, scorpions are viviparous (Producing eggs that hatch within the female's body). In simple words scorpion didn't lay eggs, but give birth to babies like mammals. After all babies are born, they are placed on its mother's back until the they are big and strong enough to live alone. The scorpions occur in our area are brown in color and have very painful sting.

Scorpion Pictures
Scorpion PictureScorpion PictureScorpion PictureScorpion Picture
Mother Scorpion
Mother Scorpion babiesMother Scorpion babies
Baby Scorpions
Baby Scorpion
Baby Scorpion
Baby Scorpion picture


Andrea said...

Yaicks, i dont like those. scary!

birdy said...

Andrea It's alright. I think no body will like scorpions, as they deliver very painful sting. However like other creatures they also have some medical significant for human beings.

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