Picture-Winged Fly

 These pictures are of an unknown Picture-Winged Fly,  I shot about two months back. I submitted it for identification to experts, but didn't get any reply yet. Picture-Winged Fly is a name used for all species in the family Ulidiidae. They are commonly found in moist places or on plants and flowers. Adults feed on nectar or fluids from decaying plant material. Larvae feed on dung and on decaying plant material. They got the name Pictures-winged Flies, because of the patterns of bands or spots on their wings.

Picture-Winged Fly (Female)
Picture-Winged Fly (Male)
Any identification help would be highly appreciated.


Kiki aka Victoria said...

Wonderful closeups.....the glowing green backdrop is very beautiful! Fabulous shots!

Inger-M said...

What a cool fly! Great macro shots!

Kala said...

Great details of the fly and leaves in these photos!

Claudia said...

Stunning macros, well done!

Have a lovely day!

Reggie said...

Nice capture!!!