Flying Ants

The flying ants or  winged ants are not a specific species of ants, but are sexually mature male (drones) and female (queens) that are capable of reproducing. The offsprings of ants can be categorized in two groups, one that's capable of reproducing, is consistes of winged male and female, generally known as "flyng ants". The other that's incapable of reproducing, consistes of wingless sterile females, known as "workers". When the mature males and female (Flying ants) leave the colony, they swarm together and mate. The males die shortly thereafter, but the fertilized queens, that survive start new colonies.

Flying Ants


Anna said...

I always was afraid of the flying ants, especially when they crawled inside the house. Nice pics as always, Anna :)

Andrea said...

we have lots of those too!

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