Ambrosia Leaf Beetle-Zygogramma tortuosa

The Ambrosia Leaf Beetle (Zygogramma tortuosa) is a species of leaf beetle in the family Chrysomelidae (Leaf Beetles), subfamily Chrysomelinae, tribe Chrysomelini, subtribe Doryphorina. Ambrosia Leaf Beetle is an effective biological control agent of Parthenium hysterophorus (Whitetop Weed), an unwanted plant in the Asteraceae family, that affects crop production, livestock and human health. Both the adults and larvae of Ambrosia Leaf Beetle feed on the Parthenium hysterophorus leaves and defoliate the plants to a considerable degree.

Ambrosia Leaf Beetle (Zygogramma tortuosa)

Ambrosia Leaf Beetle Mating Pair
Female Ambrosia  Leaf Beetle with  Eggs


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