Swabi Pakistan

Swabi (صوابی) is a beautiful and peaceful district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Swabi was given the status of tehsil in 1867. When in 1937 Mardan was upgraded to district level, Swabi become one of its tehsils. It was on 1st July, 1988 that Swabi was given the status of separate district. It has an area of 1543 sq km and is distributed in 4 tehsiles (sub-divisions), Tehsile Swabi, Chota Lahore, Khudu Khel and Topi. According to 1998 census the total population was 1.026 million. According to recent eduction survey District Swabi is on the eighth position in 24 district of NWFP. The major tribe is Yousafzai. In 327 BC Alexander came here through Hund. Hund was also the capital of Hindu Shahi dynasty. The people of Swabi participated in the War of 1857, Mujahideen Movement, Hijrat Movement and Independence movement
        Swabi has the beauty of rivers, dams, mountains and forests. Some most popular tourism spots including Terbila dam, Ghazi-Bharota dam, Gadoon Amazi, Kund park, Hund and Mahaban Hill.
        Its weather ranging from extreme to moderate. The soil of Swabi is very fertile therefore a variety of crops are cultivated here. The main crops including wheat, tobacco, maize and sugar cane. Besides these crops a number of vegetables and fruits like citrus fruits, guava, peaches and apricots are also grown here.
Here are some pictures, I took at different locations in district Swabi

Swabi Pictures
Swabi Pakistan
Swabi Pakistan
Swabi Pakistan
Swabi Pakistan
Swabi Pakistan
Swabi Pakistan
Swabi Pakistan
Swabi Pakistan
Swabi Pakistan
Swabi Pakistan


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Welcome Swabi, Pakistan welcome. Distant culture and country. Waiting for the next pictures and posts. In Poland, Marcin-19C

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Lovely subject. However, I wish you had spent more time before you clicked to compose the images. It would have made it even more interesting!

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Really Nice place with calm landscape.
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Fantastic shots!

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Roora deer ala , sumra chee dee taref owoo kama noow kam ba vee, che da Ever Green Swabi ala ala pictures dee upload karee dee, ALLAH dee tasoo ta noor hoom himat dar kee

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A.A Rora,
Great Job Done, You have done a lot of work for Your District Swabi so Please GIK Institute Topi, SWABI FISH POINT NEAR KALA LAR, Shah Mansoor Complex and Rani Gut Nogram ko be include kary.
Thanks again...
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Thanks you all for your encouraging comments and appreciation.

Salam and thanks Atta-ul-Munim for sharing you nice view about my blog post. I'll certainly try to include the pictures you asked for as soon as possible.I have a separate post about Rani Gut Nogram, Buner. You can see Rani Gut Pictures here:

Ranighat an archaeological site

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out standing i am felt very happy when see this website u include very beutiful places i give u suggetion to not forget the beutiful area and hills of gadoon teratory like utla kabgani and others area
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murad ali student of MBA from swabi

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Salam Jadoon!
Thanks for your comment. I will post Gadoon pictures on priority basis.

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Salam and thanks Murad Ali for your beautiful words about my blog. I have great value for your suggestions and will try to include the picture of gadoon, the most beautiful area of Swabi as soon as possible. I will try to arrange a tour of Utla in a week or two.
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