Pet Monkey

Some people like monkeys and keep them as pet. But whenever I see a monkey with a chain or rope in the neck, I feel pity for it. I'm not concerned with whether keeping monkeys as pets are good or bad, rather I'm concerned about their proper care, including food, cleanliness, caging and proper health care. I'm also concerned with the harm or diseases they can pass to human. Anyhow in the country where people facing shortage of food and health facilities, how would these pets get proper attention and care?

Pet Monkey
Pet MonkeyPet Monkey


Anastasia said...

i saw two different episodes of "untamed and uncut" on animal planet. in the first episode, a family was a visiting someplace and had lots of monkeys running around loose. a monkey harrassed a lady because she had food in her purse and it wanted the food. she refused to give it food and it held onto her dress. her son tried to help and make it go away. he smiled with teeth showing (seen as a threat for the monkey) and pointed at the monkey (pointing was seen as a threat also). the boy didn't touch, but got to close before walking away a little bit and the monkey jumped on the boy and bit his leg. the bit didn't break the skin, but left a bruise. it was a warning for people to back off.

in the second episode, a family was visiting a zoo and walked by one monkey who escaped its exhibit. the monkey charged at a little girl who had down syndrome, grabbed her feet and dragged for a short distance before biting and scratching her face. the girl didn't do anything to provoke it.

anyway, my point is...monkeys are not nice whether they are wildlife or someone's pet.

Marvin said...

Though I try not to be a fanatic about it, as a general rule I don't think keeping any wild animal as a pet is a good idea.

birdy said...

Thanks Anastasia for the detail comment and sharing the information and your view. The scenes you mentioned about are looking to be very horrible. I think it's wise to avoid going near wild animals, as they can change their behavior at ant time.

Thanks Marvin for the comment. I agree with you that keeping a wild animal is not a good idea.

birdy said...

Anastasia, I would appreciate enabling access to your Profile.

Muhammad imran Rao(stoneExpert) said...

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