Common Babbler Bird

The common babbler (Turdoides caudata) is a member of the Leiothrichidae family. They are found in dry open scrub countries. The species is distinctly long-tailed, slim with an overall brown or greyish color, streaked on the upper plumage and having a distinctive whitish throat. They are found in small groups of six to twenty. They feed on insects, berries and grains. The nesting season is in summer from April to July. They build a shallow cup nest low in a thorny bush and lay about 2-4 turquoise blue eggs.

Common Babbler Bird
Common Babbler Nest


Kiran palwasha said...

Amazing. Though i also never happen to see blue colors Eggs too Lols :)

Birdy said...

Thanks Kiran for your comment! Both Common babbler and myna birds found in our area lay blue eggs.

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