Land Planarian-Bipalium kewense

Bipalium kewense commonly known as "Land Planarian" is a species of predatory land flatworm of the family Geoplanidae, sometimes referred to as a "hammerhead flatworm" due to its semicircular head. Land Planarian is a common name refers to all species of flatworms in the family Geoplanidae. They lack a respiratory and circulatory system, a skeleton, and an anus. Feces are expelled through the moth. The individual I found was about 10cm long, however they could be as long as 50cm. They mainly reproduces asexually, by fragmentation of the posterior end of the body. They are carnivores, feeding on earthworms, small arthropods, and even other planarians.

Land Planarian (Bipalium kewense)

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