Antlion Larva-Doodlebug

The term Antlion is generally used for both larval and adult form of insects in the family Myrmeleontidae. To differentiate between the larval and adult form we use the terms antlion larva  and adult antlion. It got the name antlion because it's voracious predator of ants and other insects.  A beautiful name for Antlion Larva is Doodlebug. Antlion larva lives underground and digs a cone shaped pit in the sand to trap ants and other insects. The pit is sloped in such a way that once an ant or other insect falls in, it slides to bottom of the pit, where it's grabbed by the antlion larva using its large jaws.
In my childhood doodlebug's pits were great entertainment for me. I used to drop ants in the pits, but never dig a pit to see what is inside.

Antlion Larva-Doodlebugs Pictures
Doodlebugs Picture
Doodlebugs Picture
Doodlebugs Picture
Doodlebugs Pit Picture
Doodlebug's Pit

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