Spiders Mating

The spiders mating is different from other insects as the male spiders do not produce ready-made packages of sperm to insert in the females by their genitals. The male spiders use their pedipalps to transfer sperms into the female's epigyne (genital opening). They spin small sperm webs onto which they ejaculate and then transfer the sperm into syringe like structures on the tips of their pedipalps, which is then inject into the female's genital opening on the underside of her abdomen.

Spiders Mating Pictures
Spiders Mating
Spiders Mating
Male Spider Pedipalps
Female Spider Epigyne (Genital Opening)


Noushka said...

Great publication and details!
An interesting moment in the life of spiders!

Andrea said...

oh I haven't seen mating spiders although we have a lot of them. In the photos i can't discern how the process is done even if you described them. The first and 2nd photos confused me. hehe.

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