White-banded Digger Bee

 The White-banded Digger Bee (Amegilla quadrifasciata) is a species of solitary bees belonging to the family Apidae, subfamily Apinae. They have a body length up to 12 mm long. The thorax is densely hairy, while the abdomen alternate black and white stripes. They have large bulging eyes, their long probosces allow them to sip nectar from a variety of flowers and the hairy hind legs facilitate the collection and transport of pollen. They excavate nest in loose soils. The nest is provisioned with pollen and nectar, as food for their larvae.

White-banded Digger Bee (Amegilla quadrifasciata)


Anna said...

Thanks for new bug, lol. Birdy always enjoy your new posts, even when I am not commenting. Hope all is well with you. Wishing you happy new year and happy blogging. Anna :)

Sujana said...

Awesome close-up!

Happy New Year!

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