Chikoo Fruit

The Chikoo Fruit (Manilkara zapota) which is known as Sapodilla Fruit in English, is a medium sized (2–4 inches in diameter) fruit. From outside the fruit is rusty brown like potato and from inside it's pale-yellow and pulpy, looks very similar to orange. I bought and taste this fruit for the first time in my life. It has a very unpleasant taste and that is why no member of my family was ready to eat it. I took some pictures to share on my blog and then put the fruits in a jar for fruit flies to feed and hatch on them.

Chikoo Fruit
Chikoo Fruit
Chikoo Fruit
Chikoo Fruit Seeds


Katie said...


birdy said...


Yes, it looks yummy, but the taste is not very good.

Puteri said...

The fruit is ripe when it is soft. Probably you tried the unripened fruit hence the unpleasant taste. We usually put them in our rice bins buried among the rice and wait for them to ripen before we eat them. If they fall off the tree, most of the time they are too ripe. They are usually sold before they are fully ripened.

Bhanu said...

Puteri is right. The fruit tastes like caramelised sugar with a delicate aroma.

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