Frog Fruit-Phyla nodiflora

The Frog Fruit (Phyla nodiflora or Lippia nodiflora), is flowering, broadleaf plant in the Verbenaceae family. It grow wildly along field sides. The vine like branches of the plant grow up to 3 feet long. Dense growth of the plants present a very beautiful view and serve as a ground-cover. I like this plant because it's one of the host plants of Peacock pansy butterfly in our area. The inflorescence consists of a purple-colored center encircled by small white-to-pink flowers. Other common names of frog fruit are sawtooth fogfruit, turkey tangle and matchweed.

Frog Fruit-Phyla nodiflora
(09/06/2011) My mother brought some frog fruit plants to home. I ask her, what will she do with it and she told me that it is a medicinal herb and is excellent remedy for jaundice. In Urdu its called "Jal buti"  and in domestic language Pashto it is called "Aspa buti".


Andrea said...

So it is also a broadleaf weed, i posted grasses and broadleaves in my previous to last post. Merry Christmas Birdy and happy holidays.

anonymous said...

san po ito pde mkita?..
ung exact place po :)

birdy said...

Salamat para sa mga puna at query. Ako pagbaril ito ng halaman sa distrito Swabi, sa lalawigan Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Pakistan).

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