Flat-tailed House Gecko-Cosymbotus platyurus

 Flat-tailed House Gecko (Cosymbotus platyurus or Hemidactylus platyurus) is a member of family Gekkonidae. This a common species found in Pakistan. There will be hardly any house where there is no Flat-tailed House Gecko. In the night they can be found easily around the lights, waiting for their prey. In the day they hide in a darker place. They are commonly known as House Lizard or Wall Lizard. In Urdu they are known as chipkali (چھپکلی).
House Gecko
House Gecko

Let me share a sad incident, which occur in our village, because of a house gecko. Three kids of a family died after drinking milk. When they check the milk pot, there was a dead house gecko at the bottom. No one did a chemical analysis of the milk. However this incident lead to a general concept among the villagers that the house gecko is poisonous and should be keep away from the food articles.

House Gecko (Cosymbotus platyurus)
House Gecko
House Gecko
House Gecko-چھپکلی
House Gecko Young Ones
House Gecko Young Ones
House Gecko Eggs
House Gecko Eggs


Franja said...

Buena captura! la tuya y la del gecko

birdy said...

Gracias por los comentarios Franja. Es muy apreciada.

Elettra said...

very impressive

Marvin said...

Great photos of the gecko. I especially like the shot of its eye. Were it outdoors, I can easily imagine the little gecko blending into the background.

Amir Weinstein said...

Great, tks

Anonymous said...

Great shots! I love the one with the dragonfly in its mouth! Would love to get a shot like that!! Thanks for the post!

Claudia said...

Beautiful shots!

birdy said...

Thanks Elettra for the visit and comment.

Thanks Marvin for appreciation. These shots are taken at my home. There are a number of geckos reside in our home.

Thanks Amir for your regular feedback.

Thanks Kanak! I also like the first shot. In the gecko mouth there is a moth, which resemble the dragonfly.

Thanks Claudia for your kind words.

Lorenzo said...

Hi! :)

as promised, I publish some photos at FotoImmaginiGratis.com




Andrea said...

Hi Birdy, we also have lots of those here in the Philippines, they also sometimes live in tree trunks with openings. We are afraid of them, because they might stick on us, their feet stick to any surface. We call them tuko (read fast) because that is the sound they produce. I know in Indonesia they call them tuki, because that is the sound they hear from the gecko.

Greenwood Project said...

What part of the world are these gecko pics from? The ones in my area Southeastern US look a little different.

Anonymous said...

beautiful photos...
sir, I think the scientific name should be Hemidactylus .

birdy said...

Thanks Anonymous for the feedback and sharing your knowledge. I think Hemidactylus platyurus is consider Synonym of Cosymbotus Platyurus. Anyhow, I will investigate it further and will make the changes if necessary.

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