Rounded Pierrot-Tarucus Nara

The Rounded Pierrot (Tarucus nara) also known as Rusty Pierrot or Striped Pierrot is a small butterfly (wingspan: 24 - 28 mm) found in Asia that belongs to the family Lycaenidae (Blues family). The lower side of the wings is white with black spots, strips and border. The upper side is violet blue with narrow black border. They have a short tail on each hind wing.

Rounded Pierrot (Tarucus Nara) Butterfly

Rounded Pierrot (Tarucus Nara) (Open Wings)


Sharodindu said...

Great Shots .. i liked the last one with pearls of water drops in her body...Really beautiful!

Anna said...

Beautiful butterfly series, thanks for sharing. Anna :)

olga p.g. said...

Lindas fotografias de borboletas!
Eu adoro, mas tenho muito trabalho para tirá-las. =)
Saudações brasileiras!

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