Praying Mantis Pictures

Praying Mantis is a common name for the insects in the order Mantodea (or mantises, mantes). The order Mantodea consists of about 15 families, 430 genera and 2,400 species. Praying mantises are predatory insects that while at rest folds its front legs as if in prayer. They are also called preying mantises because of their predatory habits.

Praying Mantis Pictures
Praying Mantis Picture
Praying Mantis Picture
Tiny Brown Praying Mantis
Praying Mantis Picture
Praying Mantis Picture
Praying Mantis Picture


Tala said...

this one is scary

you have a nice collection of photos birdy, very nice

birdy said...

Hi Tala!
Thanks for liking my photos.
Praying Mantis are non harmful to humans and are beneficial bugs as they eat many harmful insects.

Ghufran Ali Quresh said...

Awesome photography.

P.s. Thanx for appearing at my blog .

Dave said...

These shots of praying mantis are superb. You have obviously gone to some effort to make them what they are. Well done.

birdy said...

Salam Ghufran Ali Quresh!
Your comment is highly appreciated.

birdy said...

Hi Dave!
Thank you very much for your appreciation and liking the shots.

Sam Crowther said...

Good site. Can I use one of the mantis photos in a book I am writing about growing up in west Texas during WW II. The pictures are copyrighted simply by virtue of their being photographed. I cannot use the pictures in my book without approval, license, and/or payment. The book is about 260 pages and the mantis pic will be on two pages, one black & whith and one color.

Thank you.

512 263 1990 Austin, Texas

birdy said...

Thanks Sam Crowther for your visit and comment. Yes, sure you can use any picture(s) you want. Today I'm going to include some other pictures. Hoping you will like them. Just point out the picture you want to use and I will e-mail it to you in full available size.
Once again thanks for your visit and comment.

vasim kadri said...

Is this harmful to human

Muhammad Quresh said...

No, Praying mantis is not harmful to human in any way. It's one of the beneficial insects. Which prey on the harmful insects.

MALIK said...

I would like to buy Praying mantis eggs from you. If you could please either sell them to me or guy de me to where I may get them. Or even if I can buy a live praying mantis. You would make my child very happy as she really wants to one.

Muhammad Quresh said...

Thanks Malik for your visit and comment, much appreciated. Please send your mailing address to my e-mail address. After Eid I will try my best to send you Praying mantis eggs as soon as possible.

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