Indus River Dolphin

The Indus River Dolphin or Bhulan (Platanista gangetica minor) is a member of the family Platanistidae. It is found only in Pakistan and lives in the lower portion of the Indus River system. It has a body length up to 2.5 m and maximum weight up to 90 kg. It has an estimated lifespan of about 20-28 years. It has tiny eyes, only able to detect light or dark, not details and that is why it's also known as "Blind Dolphin". It has a long and slender rostrum, used for catching shrimps, crabs and fish. It survives in muddy, silt-laden water and locates its prey by making high-pitched sounds and tracing the echoes. Indus River Dolphin is one of the most endangered members of the whale and dolphin family. According to a recent survey held in April 2011, there are 918 blind dolphins in the river Indus from Guddu to Sukkur.

Indus River Dolphin-Platanista gangetica minor


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