Cuckoo Wasps

The wasps in the Hymenopteran family Chrysididae are commonly known as Cuckoo wasps. Cuckoo wasps are brilliant metallic blue, green or reddish in color. They are known by a number of common names including jewel wasp, gold wasp and emerald wasp.

Cuckoo Wasps
Cuckoo Wasp
Cuckoo Wasp
Cuckoo Wasp


Eyewitness said...

The close ups show an amazing insect.

I can't ever dare to touch such insects unless I am absolutely sure that they don't have poisonous stings.

Noushka said...

Beautiful wasp and great pictures!
Jolly well done!
The bluish shine on the fluo green is amazing!
Keep going... I am ready for more! :)

Kala said...

What gorgeous iridescent color they have!

Monique et Daniel said...

Très belle série de cet hymenoptera étrange et brillant;j'en ai rencontré une récemment, assez sympathique, voir ici:

Elettra said...

Really super amazing your photos !!!!!!!!

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Photo Restoration said...

Wonderful selection and creative shots.....great looks