Kabgani Gadoon Swabi

Kabgani is a central village of Gadoon Amazai, District Swabi. It's situated in the North-East of Swabi, about 31 km from Swabi city and about 16 km from Topi city. Kabgani is a very scenic area, full of natural beauty. The village of Kabgani is situated on a mound and the houses are built stepwise down the slope, which present a very beautiful view. The Government Higher Secondary School Kabgani is playing a vital role in improving the education standard of the area. A branch of Habib Bank is working in the village, to facilitate the residence of Kabgani and its adjoin areas. A branch of Pakistan Post Office, a Basic Health Unit (BHU) and a veterinary hospital are also working in Kabgani.  The people of Kabgani are simple, sincere and hard working. They are famous for their hospitality.

Kabgani Gadoon Amazai Swabi

Higher Secondary School Kabgani


Andrea said...

Even when you said it is a very scenic and beautiful area, i can't agree much because it is so barren and lacking big vegetation. Is the mountain not suitable for trees? I so pity those kinds of landscape!

robert said...

Happy Easter to you!

Eyewitness said...

Wonderful photos of a wonderful place.

Glad to see a Pakistani nature photographer.

Best Wishes

Arif Sultan Jadoon said...

hey dear ..i am resident of kabgani, and glad to see a post on net about my native village...but one correction i want to made in the description.......The bank branch is not of National Bank but it is Habib Bank Limited HBL Kabgani....Arif sultan jadoon

birdy said...

@Andrea, Thanks for the feedback. Gadoon Amazai is the most beautiful and scenic area of our district. I'll prove this in my coming posts. The weather and soil of this area is very suitable for all types of vegetation. The mountains are looking barren, because in the past people of this area used to cut down trees illegally, for personal and commercial uses.

@Robert and @Eyewitness, Thanks you both for your feedback.

Salam Arif Sultan Jadoon! Thanks for your visit, comment and correction. I would love if you share some more information about Kabgani.

Arif Sultan Jadoon said...

salam bro
I will share some beautiful pics too in urs post....but how....there is no any option in ur page to post anything else except comments...

birdy said...

Salam Arif Sultan Jadoon!
Thanks for your interest. You can send your pictures to my email address.
birdy866 at yahoo dot com

Gadoon swabi said...

Very very good seen of my lovely Gadoon and specially of my school .
Thanks a lot
Zahid Sandwa Gadoon

Gadoon swabi said...

Kabgani is my basic educational institute thus i love kabgani Thanks to provide such a attractive seen of my Gadoon.
Zahid of Sandwa Gadoon

Sandwa Gadoon swabi said...

Lovely pictures but you have done a mistake to post a picture of your village,check the photo no-3 by zoom view you will see your wrong entry, be careful in future.
Zahid sandwa Gadoon

birdy said...

Thanks zahid for the mention. I got your point. But personally I didn't note this point before and after taking the picture. Actually I took this picture from a running car. I even edit this image in photoshop, but didn't note the point you mentioned.

Sandwa Gadoon swabi said...

Thanks to considered my views be happy always salam to all Gadoonwalls who jioned or jioning this blog and (Da Gadoon Khawage Khawre ta Salam)
Zahid of Sandwa Gadoon

naseeb_gul6 said...

dair khaa dair alaa .khaa tasveeran dee .da gadoon kha presentation kavee.let i suggest that keep the hole gadoon in ur range.ka israr utlee wala darta melaw shooo noo salam warta waya dair khog halak dee kho dair

Anonymous said...

your posted picture are very goodlooking but u donot mention the name of place. infect all the pictures are not of village kabgani.i can explain all the picture cronologicaly.
Pic No.1 Village bada and its surronding
Pic NO.2 BADA slop near police checkpost only hundered meter distance from Bada ada
pic No.3 Village BEESAK wond
pic NO.4 Village kabgani
pic No.5 Hostal GHSS Kabgani
pic No.6 Union councel office
pic No.7 new building GHSS Kabgani

Anonymous said...

tanx a beautifize of kabgani for you