Peacock Pansy Butterfly

The Peacock Pansy (Junonia almana) is a medium size butterfly (wingspan 60-65 mm) that belong to family nymphalid. This specie is found in South Asia. There is a difference in wet season and dry season species. The wings of the dry season specie are highly angular while the underside is dull and cryptic, hence the specie look like a dry leaf from underside. In both species the upper side is orange-yellow in color, having two eye spots on each wing. The eye spot on the upper margin of the hind wing is comparatively large.

Peacock Pansy Butterfly (Junonia almana)
Peacock Pansy Butterfly (Dry Season)
Peacock Pansy Butterfly (Dry Season)
Peacock Pansy Butterfly (Wet Season)


cinek-marcinek said...

Where these butterflies fly? Beautiful photos. Martin

birdy said...

Thanks Martin for appreciation. I captured these images in North West Frontier Province of Pakistan. This is a specie of South Asia.

Marvin said...

In NA our Comma and Question Mark butterflies have a similar difference between inner and outer wings -- similar to the dry season specimen. I've seen nothing to compare to the wet and dry season variation in the outer wings, however. Such a difference is truly amazing. Thanks for sharing your photos of them.

Anonymous said...

cooo! Great job, brudder