Indian Myna Bird

Indian Myna (Acridotheres tristis) also called Common Myna or Mynah, is a member of the starling family. It is a species of bird native to Asia. It is also known as talking Myna for its ability of learning human speech and is kept as a pet. It has dark brown body with shiny black head and wing plumage, with white wing patches. The beak, bare skin around the eyes and legs are of yellow color. Both sexes are similar, however male has a smaller and more shiny head as compared to female. They generally build their nest in a tree cavity or hole in a wall, however they also build nest in trees. Their nest looks like very similar to house sparrow nest i.e. a jumble of straw, twigs, leaves and grasses. The female lays 4 to 6 bluish-green eggs and raise two broods in one year. The brooding season is from May to August.They feed on a variety of insects, grains and fruits. Some time they also feed on the young ones of other birds.

Indian Myna Bird
Indian Myna Bird
Indian Myna Bird
Indian Myna Bird Nest
Indian Myna Bird Eggs
Baby Indian Myna
Indian Myna Birds for Sale


Sharodindu said...

very cute bird....but restless and hence difficult to capture through lens...
Good job done :)

Andrea said...

Oh, so it looks so different from our Philippines mynah which are endemic to Palawan. It has more yellows at the side of the head without any white on the lower part of the body but distictly black. I love them talk, however it is endangered and selling them as pets has been controlled, or else we will loose them from the wild.

pixelshots said...


nice to find some one with similar taste here. u made me remember of ma childhood whwn we had these birds at home. u know what there is s superstition here that seeing pairs of mainas is good luck and single ones badluck..

photoblogger from kerala / india

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

You have the cutest little boy Birdy!! What a lovely looking child. You must be proud of him.

We have these Myna's here too but they have become such a pest in areas as they seem to take them over and not give others a chance. I have heard that they are capable of talking but never actually heard on.

Those stinkbugs are also found here. For me it is interesting to note how wide spread some critters are.

amit said...

interesting blog and beautiful shots..its hard to take a bird photography..need lots of patience..good job..

Anonymous said...

The International Union for the Conservation of Nature has ranked the Myna amongst the world’s 100 most invasive pest species.

Anonymous said...

myna.i like u .today is my funniest day i`ll c u cre fully