Lime Butterfly Caterpillar

The Lime Butterfly caterpillar passes through 5 different instars before pupation. The first few instars of the caterpillar look like bird droppings and this is nature's way of protecting them from predators. In the 5th (last) instar, the caterpillar becomes pale green with a yellow subspiracular band having brown and bluish marking and a pair of false eyes. An additional yellow band is developed on the 4th and 5th segments with bluish spots on it.
Lime Butterfly Caterpillars
Lime Butterfly Caterpillar (1st instar) eating egg shell
Lime Butterfly Caterpillar (2rd instar)
Lime Butterfly Caterpillar (3rd instar)
Lime Butterfly Caterpillar (4th instar)
Lime Butterfly Caterpillar (5th and last instar)
Lime Butterfly Caterpillar (Pre-pupa)


Kanak Hagjer said...

This is something I haven't got a chance to observe. But the other day, after complaining here that I never get to see the eggs, I found two! And then another two the next day! At least now I can closely observe the Common Mormon's stages....

Coming here is a wonderful learning experience for me. Thanks, Birdy!

Marvin said...

Great work capturing all 5 instars. Thanks for sharing your efforts.

Andrea said...

How i wish the stages continue with the adult as you did with the common emigrant. I guess your pupa did not turn into adult, hehe. Or maybe you cannot wait for a photo of the adult to be taken and already overwhelmed by the excitement of posting the larva. haha thanks. Your posts are very informative, i also guess you are an entomologist.

Izhar said...

We have lots these caterpillars on our desi lemon bush as well as many adults flying around, now I know their exact name.. thanx to you..!!

birdy said...

Thanks Kanak, Marvin and Andrea for your regular feedback. Anderea, that was my exciting, which lead me to post the eggs, cats and larvae pictures individually. I didn't post pupa, but instead I will create a post to show the complete life cycle of the butterfly.

Salam Azhar! Thanks for your visit and comment.